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The slowing economy has forced support staff cutbacks, but proposals, sales letters, business presentations, reports, and correspondence still must go out.

Full service, high-tech office support from our staff and our equipment in our office keeps your workflow on target.

Medical Transcription

We have worked with doctors with many different specializations, from radiology and neurology to gastroenterology and plastic surgery. Using a state-of-the-art digital system, E.D.A. can turn your medical dictation into polished, formatted, extremely accurate reports, deliverable by e-mail, fax, our bonded courier or posted directly into your system, depending upon your needs. When it comes to terminology, drug names or numbers, we don't guess—if there's a question, we'll resolve it to your satisfaction before putting out the work in your name.


If you can't get the interview, you will never get the job. Resume writing is critical in controlling the image you present to employers. The stronger the skill and experience descriptions are in your resume, the higher the number of interviews and salary offers you will receive. By revamping the image you present of your skills and abilities, your resume response rate will increase, and your salary offers will elevate. When you pick up your resume from E.D.A., you can be sure that we've made you look good on paper. The rest is up to you.


Have a large document that you need to put on disc? Want to make sure that the resulting product is error-free? We've worked on books, business plans, just about anything that's scannable.

Desktop Publishing

PowerPoint presentations, color slides, flyers, camera-ready copy, long document formatting—these services and more are available for your projects. 

Legal Documents

We have experienced, trained legal transcriptionists, who are familiar with the set-up of pleadings, with citations, and the appropriate reference works to help our attorney clients get to court on time.

Conferences/depositions/interviews, etc.

Here's a hypothetical: You're a dentist attending a 5-day conference on new products in your field. You need to have 30 hours of tape, featuring 30 voices all vying for attention, transcribed. After the initial panic, why not try E.D.A.?


We have worked with several published authors, Tom Sullivan and Betty White among them.

Miscellaneous Services

Mail-merge and subsequent folding, envelope stuffing, and mailing; binding of reports; proofreading and editing of text. We can write copy for press releases, ads, web site content, and more.


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ServicesMan in a Hurry

Lightbulb! Need to dictate in a hurry?

Our clients have access to a state-of-the-art 24-hour telephone dictation system. Call in your instructions and we'll have your work ready for you when you need it.


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